Total Hikes as of 6/17/2011: 123

  • Spencer Butte Hikes: 96
  • Other Hikes: 27

5 Responses to “Hike Count”

  1. Michael Iles said

    Ah!!! Nephew boy- You not only surprise with me with the quality of the pictures but the prose is entertaining and fits well with the pictures. Your old Uncle is going to be an avid reader and hope the journey you have started will bring great pleasure not only to you but to the rest of as well.

    • 300hikes said

      I’m glad to know that someone so enthusiastic about photography likes the pictures I’ve posted. I may have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the process.

  2. Boston Margy said

    Nice blog! Good luck with the hikes and keep us all posted.

  3. Danae said

    Very nice Blog! The pictures and stories are very engaging.
    Regarding dinner with you and Kelsey, Nick and I will have to take a raincheck. I just moved out of Eugene and am trying to find a job before school starts. Keep up the hikes!

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