Peter Piper Picked Hike 22

July 12, 2011

To complete my relatively uneventful weekend, I embarked on a trip I’ve long intended to complete. Several years ago I attempted to hike Mount June, but found myself utterly lost as I drove down abandoned logging roads with signs and warnings that made me feel as though being shot was not entirely out of the question. Needless to say I returned home without having accomplished the goal at hand. This Sunday, after cross referencing several sources to ensure that I arrived at the correct location, I set out, confident that I would in fact make it to the trail.

Mount June evergreens in July.

I did reach the desired location, though I was initially disappointed with what I found. Dead needles and lifeless limbs littered the ground. The color was brown. It was not long before I made my way out of the barren logging grounds and found instead the immortal evergreens, ever resistant to the influence of the seasons. Scattered flowers lived and died in the presence of these giants, curling and twisting their wilting leaves while simultaneously praising the towering trunks.

Soon the conifers parted to make way for deciduous trees whose green, flat leaves glowed in the light. Their way is one that stands in stark contrast to the stubborn defiance practiced by the cone-bearing inhabitants.

The short hike ended on a rocky outcrop that left the peak exposed like the head of a monk. This monastic observation allowed me to see more clearly than otherwise would have been possible. The mountains cessation of vanity turned me inside-out. Blue skies held the majestic Three Sisters aloft and beckoned. I stood and hailed my neighbors, promising to return.

Precariously perched upon the perilous precipice, I perceive people precipitating on a parallel plateau.

The gathering crowds  encouraged me to descend. As I passed the ferns, they waved farewell with their friendly fronds and I reciprocated with a gentle smile. As so often seems to happen on my excursions, the trail ended and I drove home.


2 Responses to “Peter Piper Picked Hike 22”

  1. Love, love your photos. Looking forward to all the hikes.

  2. Smallpeace said

    Stunning pics. I’ll be watching!

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