I Took 12 Hike to Taste the Rain

June 28, 2011

Water mud trail grass socks.

A glimpse of things to come.

Shelter dark sky trees covering my hatted head.

Umbrella every step.

Please protect the insects from the drops as large as grand. Washed away they’ll find themselves too lost in moss.

Don't move, little one.

Words are swept and swirled by the torrent. Irretrievable, I must compose with what is left.



Go Away

The Hike is Hard

The Sky is



4 Responses to “I Took 12 Hike to Taste the Rain”

  1. Stephan Nance said

    Mmm, this is lovely.

  2. 300hikes said

    I was anxious about posting this. I feared it crossed into the realm of precious and was not in keeping with my (hardly) established style. I can now sleep easy knowing you enjoyed it.

  3. Claudia said

    kyle – yours writing is so moving..i didn’t realize this side of you before…

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